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Upright Monuments

Upright monuments come in many sizes, designs and colors. Brampton monument works provide custom granite monuments designed to fit your families need. We work with the cemetery by laws and requirements and help you choose the right size of memorial for the lot you have purchased. We assist you in the planning process, translate your ideas in creating a monument which will fit many different aspects of a person’s life taking into consideration their religious background, ethnicity, hobbies, career, favorite flower, beloved pets, etc.., into a gorgeous work of art to mark their final resting place. We have extensive designs ready for you to pick or you can custom make it the way you like to see it.The three main categories are individual, companion and family. The tops, ends, and edges of monuments may be cut in many ways. Choose from straight to concave or convex, serpentine, round and more.



Markers are generally low laying stone slabs engraved with names, birth and death dates, and can have an etched graphic. There are four major types of markers: flat, beveled, slant and ledger. The markers usually are no higher than the 6 inches. Beveled markers are very similar to a flat marker except that they have slightly inclined face allowing for a framed look.Slant markers have a more substantial appearance than flat or beveled markers. They allow for a larger area to be engraved and easier visibility for grave site visitors. Ledger covers the entire grave with a large stone. This marker allows for the greatest variety of design. We have varied colors, and sizes available in granite markers. The prices vary according to the size, color and type of marker.



We have a wide selection of Granite Urns, Marble urns, keepsake urns to be custom ordered. Oftentimes, we wish to honor our loved ones by placing their remains in an urn. There are jewellery pendants, and other items available to cherish the remains of loved ones. Prices vary for colors, designs, and sizes.


Laser etchings/Porcelain pictures

We help families by giving an option to enhance your monument with a hand-etched portrait or scenery. Brampton monument works has the latest revolutionary stone engraving technology designed specifically for memorials. We can transfer a stunning, detailed and accurate image of your loved one to the memorial. We help make porcelain pictures in color and black & white, which in turn makes your monument come alive with the picture of your loved one.
Laser etching and porcelain pictures are a perfect addition to the memorial you have purchased and prices vary according to the size and color option of the family.


Pet Markers

Pets are a treasured member of the family. A wonderful way to remember their place as a family member is by memorializing them with a memorial marker. There are corion, granite, bronze plaques available to properly honor cherished pets.



Brampton monument works has beautiful granite, bronze, metal vases to use as an enhancement to your bronze or stone markers and monuments. The vases are used to hold a bouquet of flowers. There are vases which are good for summer and winter months.


Bronze Markers

Brampton monument works sells bronze markers. There are varied colors, sizes, and designs available to make the marker unique as per the individual needs. Bronze is a durable metal whose beauty lasts throughout the ages making it a wonderful material for the markers in memory of their loved ones. In addition, we add date, name scrolls to existing bronze markers. We have a catalogue and samples available for your reference.


Restoring old memorials, retouching letters & designs

Brampton Monument Works realizes over the course of years, monuments, and markers inscriptions and designs may fade or deteriorate in clarity. As a result your monument may become less than appealing as a memorial to your loved ones. There is no charge for the quote whether it be for one monument or many in a cemetery. Cleaning your monument and marker may be needed due to years of exposure to the elements, monuments become soiled or stained. With careful and proper cleaning procedures most monuments can be restored close to their original beauty, finish and luster. A professional inscriber uses only products deemed safe to clean your memorial. We take pride in honoring your family while at the same time honoring ours.


Stone Colors

Granite comes in varying shades of green, blue, brown, black and red. Some of the most commonly used colors are listed below for your reference.

  • Kashmir Gold
  • Viscount light Imperial
  • Bahama Blue Light
  • Bahama Blue Dark
  • Himalayan Blue
  • Cats Eye
  • India Red
  • India NH Red
  • India Regular black
  • India¬†Jet black
  • India Black Galaxy or Star Galaxy
  • India Brits
  • Indian Arora


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